Fountain Nozzles

List of Nozzles


The Cascade Nozzle is the single most popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains through modern times. They can be used in a wide variety of ways to achieve spectacular effects. Cascade nozzles are used widely in architectural fountains, due to their high visibility and good wind resistance, exhibiting a very "hard" visual and audible impact suitable for large pools and outdoor applications where noise masking water effects are desired.


Foam Jet Nozzles are easy to install, the Foam Jet creates a massive mound of highly aerated water when they are operated at lower heights. Ideal for medium-sized and large displays holding shape better at lower heights. Beautiful when lighted. No constant water level is required.


Foam Cluster Nozzles Produces a Vertical Columns of water using connection rows of clear stream jet giving the appearance of a large diameter water columns. Due to the refractive quality of the individual streams, Foam cluster nozzles offer good visibility at the long range viewing distance.

BALL (Dandelion)

The Dandelion effect is created by multiple disc of water at the radiating from a enter manifold. These effects produce a fine spray that results evaporation cooling in the area of the effect.


Finger jet nozzle produces a delicate, arching spray pattern using precision clear stream jets. Combined with a main swivel connection permits a wide range of spray patterns and angles. Due to the low noise and splash reduced, finger jets are ideal use in courtyard or entryway pools designed for close range viewing distance.


VULCAN JET NOZZLE sparkling unique tripe-tired effect of clear streams. Ideal for small and medium sized displays. Vulcan-Adjustable nozzles are with various orifice and angle adjustable nozzles. These are available in two, three and four steps.


BELL Bell nozzles produce a transparent, attractive, perfectly formed water bell that delights children and invites playful finger interaction. Ideally suited for winter garden ponds, reception areas, terraces and foyers. It is also the perfect addition to sheltered outdoor pools. In areas of light breezes, the Bell nozzle continually undulates in a fascinating manner. For silence wind-free locations in small and medium sized displays. Ideal in grouping of various heights. No constant water level required.


This nozzle Rotating Multi stream clear jet in animated swirling, spinning effect. Rotation is done without mechanical devices via water output from multi angled nozzle that turn with the vertical center nozzle. Rotation, speed and display size are adjustable with the water control valve. The pirouette offers an impressive dancing display with minimum water requirement


A clear pulsating sheet of water in a mushroom form when operated in a full sheet pattern there is very little shape or splash, ideal for both silent and windy locations. Preferred for floating or lake fountain.


These water jets produce a heavy-duty sheet of pulsating water in a calyx like foam. Its operation is water level independent. These are not equipped with a flow straiten vane, it is not necessary.


Fan Jet creates a particularly compact Fan shaped water stream with a thickness, best in lower heights and at angles between 35° to 90° off horizontal axis. Best in wind-free conditions. No constant water level required.


Ball joint are used to align those jets and nozzles that do not have a swivel base incorporated and required directional adjustment.


Fountain Accessories

Also we can develop Nozzle as per your requirement.